Here is a short list of some home inspectors in the Twin Cities metro area. Estimates are based on an 1100 finished square foot single family home.  The video covers the basics of what to expect during your basic home inspection.



Doug Palmer – 612-916-4142
Troy Forbes – 763-350-6925
Dave Taurinskas-- 612-701-9672

Veterans get a discount on all home inspections

Single family home: $400
Rentals: + $125 per additional unit

The inspectors at this company are trained to examine a house for moisture, and if they find enough moisture they can prequalify it for a free Preliminary Bacteria and Mold Evaluation Test. These tests go 3”or 5” into the walls, and can provide you with a mitigation estimate. Normally these tests cost $350-500, but if this company can prequalify your house, you get it for free.

These inspectors refer out radon tests. After thoroughly researching the issue, they found that accurate radon testing requires a year of observation, as there is too much fluctuation by day and week. Also, radon equipment is allowed to be off by 25%. A test out radon tests in St. Cloud showed that there is a 13 point difference among radon tests. Cancer correlation is based on assumption, not proof. You can buy a Safety Siren device for less than a radon test, can plug it in and continually average out radon levels.

To avoid distraction:  These inspectors prefer  the buyer comes at end of inspection for an hour.

"Repair and Maintenance Products" 

$400, sometimes seasonal discounts
Radon - only till end of 2018, $75 if do with inspection
They bring a moisture detector.
Prefer buyer at inspection.

Residential Inspection Services
5817 Hansen Rd
Edina, MN  55436
(952) 929-7323
$375, +50-75 for duplex
$150 Radon
Brings moisture meter and infrared device
Prefers buyer at inspection
Scheduling some Saturdays

This a company based in Memphis, that has franchises all over the U.S.  Their Minnesota franchise is based in Bloomington. They have 5 salaried inspectors, all who have been doing inspections for over 11 years. Current prices they quoted me (May 2014) were:
  • Home inspection:  $365 (minus $50 referral discount or coupon which is sometimes available on their page)
  • Radon Test $145 (results can be obtained in 48 hours)
  • Both tests:  $460 (includes $50 coupon)



A home inspection will typically evaluate basic furnace information.  I do recommend also getting a regular furnace tune-up and safety check in addition. This typically is relatively inexpensive.  Here are a few furnace technicians, some I have worked with.

Furnace Pro MN
Twin Cities area
Mike Rousch put in a furnace for me that was significantly less than other estimates, and it was a high-efficiency furnace on top of it.  His furnace cleaning and safety check is only $80.  If he also inspects the AC that is an additional $50.  Mike also offers certified furnace inspections for $159. He is a small business owner.  YOu may want to text when you call if you don't get him his VM forwards to an answering service.

Tiger Plumbing and Heating (was Dave's Heating and Cooling)
1601 37th Ave NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421
(763) 781-6901
When Dave ran the company he did furnace inspections and installed furnaces for me as well. I don't recall the prices but he did a good job and was affordable. It's since been sold to Tiger Plumbing and Heating. 

Skyline Heating and Air
I haven't used this company, but they offer a furnace tune-up for $99.  As of 2020, the quoted a 95% high efficiency furnaces starting at $3600, prices may change over time.
7100 Medicine Lake Rd, New Hope, MN 5542
(763) 208-1558 

Marsh Heating & Air Conditioning 
Brooklyn Park, MN
(763) 536-0667
Furnace Tune Up and Inspection $104.95
Plus AC Tune Up and Inspection $189.90
(Includes refrigerant, temp need to be above 55 degrees to get accurate refrigerant reading)



Here are some contractors who do sewer pipe video inspections.

Drain Busters 
Inspections only, no repairs.
$175/video inspection.
They send out a link to the video.

Ron the Sewer Rat


Here are some contractors who do sewer pipe repairs, some also do video inspections.

M and B Services, Jim Boston
Sewer excavation & lining
Licensed in St. Paul, Mpls, and metro areas
This company gave the lowest estimate for a client of mine, others were 1k+ higher.  Jim says they like to do their research before giving an estimate, not just throw numbers out there.

Gene's Water and Sewer
Sewer excavation & lining
Metro area except St. Paul

ASAP Underground

Sewer excavation & lining
Free Estimates
Work in St. Paul & Mpls

Matt's Plumbing Solutions LLC

Minneapolis and St. Paul trenchless pipe repair company
Video inspection of $195 to make an estimate

Trenchless Pipe Lining
Website says no damage to basement or need to trench.

Minneapolis & Suburban Sewer & Water

Free Estimates



When chimneys get old, the clay tile lining the chimneys tend to crack. This can allow flames to penetrate outside the stack and cause a fire.  Repairs can run several thousand dollars. These are very well advised inspections to do.  All these chimney inspectors will provide repair estimates if needed.

Chimney Doctors

952-888-5252 Entire metro area
$209 if cleaning not needed, includes a camera inspection (depends on creosote buildup)
$289 if cleaning needed (they won't know till they get there)
Check their website for specials

2nd Generation Chimneys
$199 if cleaning not needed, includes a camera inspection (depends on creosote buildup)
$299 if cleaning needed (they won't know till they get there)
Check their website for specials

Nick's Chimney Cleaning

$175 Level I inspection:  Pictures, but no camera, no cleaning
$239 Level II Inspection:  Camera, no cleaning

Inspection and Cleaning:
$239 -- Cleaning and Pictures, no camera
$289 -- Cleaning and Camera



Usually inspectors are able to do radon testing, but if you want to order it yourself, here are a few options.

Twin Cities Radon Testing
And the agent needs to be there to let the person in.

North Star Radon Testing
(651) 483-5885

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