Horizontal Foundation Cracks

I have seen a few homes that have  horizontal cracks as shown in the below video.  They were all due to water flowing towards the house, that built up water pressure and cracked the wall.  More likely than not, the cracking happened as the soil froze, although one website said that this can happen in drought.

Of the houses I saw, one house was repaired by paving the driveway next to the home, landscaping the soil, and installing gutters.  That wall had actually shifted inward at the upper courses of block, but wasn't bowing in.  Another  house had a gutter that emptied right where the crack formed, and the soil was inclined towards the house.  The interior wall was cracked and bowed at that location.. (I'm not sure what happened to that house, my buyer was no longer interested when I pointed out the interior wall that was cracked and bowing.)  A third house had a lengthy crack, and a very slight bowing, very likely due to improper grading of soil and lack of gutters.


Whatever you do, you must first address exterior water drainage away from the home.  Then there are a few options. 

Plate anchors can be used to stabilize a bowing foundation, but there can also be drawbacks to them.  The below video shows the installation of plate anchors.

Many contractors recommend carbon straps instead.  The below video explains more about horizontal crack formation.  


Here are some businesses that do these types of foundation repairs.

Metro, Litchfield, Fargo


Minneapolis, Rochester, Fargo


Minneapolis + 2 hour radius


Several companies in the Minneapolis area:


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