Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sound Transactions


"Great job to Theresa, I know you worked very hard on this one.  You sure can put me down on your list of references and satisfied customers.  If you ever get asked for a reference be sure to use my name and number.    Again Thanks so much."  
-- Chuck B., Coon Rapids, MN

  Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, or landlord, and would like a more discounted alternative to the mainstream companies, I am available to assist you in the process.  I have people I work with in various areas of the state, so I can help buyers and sellers across many regions.  I place the intention of sound transactions in real estate, and I bring to the table my personal experience in property management, carpentry, rehabs, foreclosures, urban and rural properties.  Prior to becoming a real estate agent, I represented myself without an agent as both a buyer and seller, so I  understand and appreciate those who want an alternative approach to the real estate process.

"Thank you so much for taking all the time and for your help and for going the extra mile."
-- Gay N., St. Louis Park


I offer special discount listing packages for sellers.

For sellers who want to sell their homes on their own, I offer a flat fee listing for $3,495.  This includes professional representation and listing in the MLS, which propagates out to sites such as Zillow.  (In addition to this price is b
roker's administrative commission of $495 and commission for the buyer's agent/broker.

For sellers who would like to have an agent sell their homes, I offer 4% and 5% listing rates.  I also give you $495 at closing towards your broker administrative commission (for properties over $150,000).  For certain lesser priced properties, I give you $250 at closing towards that fee.


I also offer discounts for buyers, giving you $495 at closing to cover you broker's administrative commission for properties over $150,000. 


For certain lesser priced properties, I give you $250 at closing towards that fee.

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~ Buying
If you are a first time home buyer, new construction buyer, move-up buyer or down-size buyer, I can help you find that "perfect" home. You decide what is right for you. 

~ Selling 
If you are a homeowner interested in selling your current home, I can schedule a no-obligation appointment with you to discuss current market conditions, a suggested selling price range for your home, the selling process, and more.

  ~ FSBO Alternatives 
With listing rates of 4% and 5%, I offer alternatives to sellers seeking a more economical way to sell their home, and still receive the assistance of a real estate professional. 

~ Credit Counseling
I know lenders who are willing to work with you to improve your credit to finance a home. A free copy of your credit report can be obtained at or by calling 1-877-322-8228  (these are the official government contacts -- you can request a copy of your report once a year).  There are also financial advisors with the Home Ownership Center that will help you for no charge and can help you find downpayment assistance as well.

~ Home Buyer Classes
The Minnesota Home Ownership Center offers home buyer education classes, counseling, information on downpayment assistance, to help move you into home ownership.  Go to

~ Farm Loans & Grants
Farm loans and grants are available through government and private programs.  Click here to learn more.

~ Down Payment Assistance
There may be down payment assistance available to you that can help you get into your home sooner. Click here to learn more.

Call or Text: (612) 270 - 3312

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